System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


Agriculture and Extension Policies in India: Connect and Disconnect with Nutrition

Publisher: Indian Journal of Nutrition

This paper describes the linkages of nutrition agriculture poverty and health and suggests some extension and policy strategies for achieving food and nutrition security. Agriculture growth has the highest power for reducing malnutrition and poverty (2 to 4 times than other sectors). Agriculture growth and development in the country largely shaped by the policies related to agriculture and extension. Various agricultural production and extension programs, social safety net, nutritional security etc. were initiated keeping in view the emerging scenarios of poverty and nutritional security. Currently, food production is dictated by consumers. Consumption pattern of different consumers segments of the society are synchronized with appropriate mix of production portfolios at farmer’s field levels. We recommend that for amelioration of nutrition problem extension should follow collective approach, market based extension, women empowerment, more use of ICT and convergence approach. Policy makers should give more priority to nutrition in public research, follow public information campaign, accomplish land reform agenda and bring effective trade policies and market reforms for nutrition security of the individual, household and nation.

Author(s): Shiv Kumar, Vinayak Nikam | Views(296) | Download (144)

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