System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


New Areas of Nutrition Research

Publisher: Nutrition Foundation of India

Green revolution ensured that the country became self sufficient in food production and public distribution system (PDS) led to improvement in access to food. Rapid advances in technology during the last two decades have enabled scientists to undertake basic research studies to unravel the factors responsible for common nutritional disorders and assist evolution of appropriate interventions. Some of the major advances in research tools to explore nutrition and food safety are reviewed in this article.

Author(s): P. Raghu, S Fernandez, S. Vazir, Dr. V Sudershan Rao, Sudip Ghosh, Dr. KV RadhaKrishna, Dr. K. Madhavan Nair, Manchala Raghunath, A. Vajreswari, Dr. Kalpagam Polasa, B Sesikeran | Views(389) | Download (201)

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