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Maharashtra’s Child Stunting Declines: What is Driving Them? Findings of a Multidisciplinary Analysis

Publisher: Institute of Development Studies

This overview first surveys the literature to describe the broad economic, political and social changes occurring within the state in the 2000–2012 period. In what kind of environment did these declines in stunting occur? Second, the paper analyses two child-level surveys undertaken in 2006 and 2012 to describe the distribution of stunting declines, identify factors correlated with the higher stunting (and wasting) rates in both years and to assess whether the relationship between stunting, wasting and its correlates has profoundly changed. Third, we conducted interviews and focus group discussions with key stakeholders in academia, civil society, government, international partner organisations, media and the private sector on identifying the perceived critical factors for the decline in stunting.

Author(s): Elsa Valli, Inka Barnett, Nick Nisbett, Lawrence Haddad | Views(335) | Download (160)

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