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Nourishing India’s Tribal Children: The Nutrition Situation of Children of India’s Scheduled Tribes

Publisher: UNICEF India

India occupies a hot spot on the global map of childhood stunting as 61 million (37%) of the 165 million stunted children aged under five years globally are Indian children. Within India, stunting is highest (54%) among tribal children. Constitutionally referred to as ‘scheduled tribes’, tribal communities are among the poorest social groups in the country. Little is known about the determinants of stunting among tribal children and affirmative actions for their nutrition improvement. This study – among the first of its kind – describes levels, severity and determinants of stunting among India’s tribal children and compares these with non-tribal children. Importantly, it synthesizes legislations, policies, programmes and 12 promising practices from Indian states for improving their nutrition situation and suggests a way forward.

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