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Constraints of Growth in Area Production and Productivity of Pulses in India: An Analytical Approach to Major Pulses

Publisher: Indian Journal of Agricultural Research

Pulses play an important role in providing a nutritionally balanced diet. Pulses are the second main source of protein after cereals in Indian diet. India is the largest producer, consumer and importer of pulses. Basically the total pulses area occupied 26.28 million hectares which contributed production 18.10MT during 2010-11. However, the growth rate of pulses area and production were found negligible as compared to cereal like wheat and paddy and there exit wide inter states variability in their yield in the country. Therefore, the gap of domestic demand and supply widen sharply. This paper analyses the status of pulses growth, and constraints of technology inadequacy as well as policy reform. The paper also focus on constraints of non-availability essential inputs i.e. quality seed, life saving irrigation, fertilizers and nutrients, price policy implication and marketing to be reoriented to bring it in tune with the emerging demand and supply of pulses in India.

Author(s): Sandeep Kumar, Prem Narayan | Views(375)

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