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Closing the Health and Nutrition Gap in Odisha, India: A Case Study of How Transforming the Health System is Achieving Greater Equity

Publisher: Elsevier

Health equity is high on the international agenda. This study provides evidence of how health systems can be strengthened to improve health equity in a low-income state. The paper presents a case study of how the Government of Odisha in eastern India is transforming the health system for more equitable health and nutrition outcomes. Odisha has a population of over 42 million, high levels of poverty, and poor maternal and child health concentrated in its Southern districts and among Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste communities. The paper identifies how political will, committed policy makers and fiscal space energised the health system to promote equity. A sustained political commitment will be required to continue to address the more challenging human resource, health financing and gender issues.

Author(s): Alison Dembo Rath, Ramesh Druvasula, Jeetendra Pattnaik, Rajendra Kar, Pinaki Joddar, Sujata Karthikeyan, Pramod Meherda, Arti Ahuja, Anu Garg, Biraj Laxmi Sarangi, Deborah Thomas | Views(371)

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