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Does Women's Empowerment Reduce Prevalence of Stunted and Underweight Children in Rural India?

Publisher: Research Institute for Economics and Business Admi

This study investigates whether mother’s empowerment as measured by her bargaining power relative to father’s affects children’s nutritional status using the three rounds of NFHS data in India. First, the relative educational attainment of mothers significantly contributes to z scores pertaining to the short-term measures of nutritional status of children. Besides, the quantile regression results show strong associations between women’s bargaining power and better nutritional status of children in terms of the long-term measure of nutrition at the low end of its conditional distribution. Finally, we find the relation between access to health schemes and better nutritional measures of children.

Author(s): Katshushi S. Imai, Samuel Kobina Annim, Veena S. Kulkarni, Raghav Gaiha | Views(340)

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