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Possibilities and Constraints in Increasing Pulses Production in Maharasthra and the Impact of National Food Security Mission on Pulses

Publisher: Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics

The major areas of concern for pulses are the low yield levels, marginal lands devoted to pulse cultivation, stagnation in production technology, severe abiotic (climate related) and biotic (insect, pest) stresses, volatility of prices and lack of effective procurement. The present study, therefore, attempts to unravel the degree of importance of these constraints and outline the prospects for pulses production in the state of Maharashtra. The study also intends to assess the effectiveness of NFSM-Pulses on the pulse production in Maharashtra. The study has shown positive impact of NFSM programme on pulses crops cultivation in the state of Maharashtra since the element of profit involved in the cultivation of pulses crops turned out to be much higher in the NFSM district as against the non-NFSM district.

Author(s): Deepak Shah | Views(405)

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