System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition

Research Paper

Climate Change and Food In/Security: A Critical Nexus

Publisher: Environments Journal

The issue of climate change has been gaining widespread attention and concern as it has the ability to directly/indirectly affect our standard of living and quality of life. It has often been postulated that changes in climate would have a vast effect on food production systems and that food security might be threatened due to increasing climate change. However, it seems that research on climate change and food in/security has often been one-sided; with climate change being identified as the cause of food insecurity and not how the systems in place to ensure food security have exacerbated the issue of climate change. This paper thus seeks to give a more balanced view and thus understanding of the complex relationship between climate change and food security by critically examining both systems.

Author(s): Md Saidul Islam, Andrea Ting Wong | Views(736) | Download (242)

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