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Research Paper

Drivers of Farmers’ Income: The Role of Farm Size and Diversification

Publisher: IGIDR

The basic objective of this study is to analyse the role of farm size and diversification in determining farmers’ income. Using data from NSS 70th round Situation Assessment Survey, the study considers two measures of income, viz., farm income per hectare (from crop and animal husbandry) and farmer’s income per capita (from both farm and non-farm sources). Linear, log linear and panel data models are estimated to understand the nature of relationship between income, farm size and the two forms of diversification (on-farm and off-farm diversification). The study finds that a U-shaped relationship exists between farm size and farm / farmer’s income. The results also show that both on-farm and off-farm diversification have an inverted U-shape relationship with farm / farmer’s income.

Author(s): Varun Kumar Das, A. Ganesh-Kumar | Views(58) | Download (19)

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