System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition

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Green Paper on Farmers, Farming and Rural Economy

Publisher: Inclusive Media for Change

The present Central government, led by Mr. Narendra Modi, assumed power on 26 May 2014. During the election campaign, the party and Mr. Modi himself had made a number of promises to the farmers. The BJP’s election manifesto also contained some concrete promises about “Productive, Scientific and Rewarding” agriculture. It is well established that the farmers were among the key sections that swung towards the BJP in the 2014 elections and ensured the electoral success of BJP. The BJP’s Manifesto committed the party to giving the “highest priority to agricultural growth, increase in farmer's income and rural development”. Specifically, the Manifesto promised, among other things, the following major steps to improve the life and livelihood of the Indian farmers: • Increase public investment in agriculture and rural development; • Ensure a minimum of 50% profit over the cost of production (elaborating this promise in every election meeting, Mr. Modi specifically promised cost plus 50% to be the basis of the revised Minimum Support Price, if he is voted to power); • Put in place welfare measures for farmers above 60 years in age, small and marginal farmers and farm labours; • Adopt a 'National Land Use Policy', which will look at the scientific acquisition of noncultivable land; • Farm insurance scheme to take care of crop loss due to unforeseen natural calamities; and • Strengthen and expand rural credit facilities.

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