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March of Agriculture since Independence and Growth Trends

Publisher: Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare

The first volume of the Report of the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) intended to examine the growth trends in farmers’ income since independence and analyse growth in associated support infrastructure (roads, electricity, irrigation, market yards, etc.). However, it is observed, that there has been no uniform methodology in the past to specifically ascertain farmers’ incomes and comparable data benchmarks are thus not immediately available over long periods. This data gap has been bridged through an analysis, that accessed various measures to infer the growth and included empirical assessments. The recent assessments by NITI Aayog and those from ICAR have been used. The need to develop a metric to monitor regularly and assess farmers’ income in relation to farm output is suggested for good governance. The evidence highlights lack of correspondence between growth in domestic production - measured as farm yield, and growth in income - a measure of monetisation of the yield. The variance could be a result of poor physical connectivity between farm and markets, low level of facilitation by the agricultural marketing system, poor resource use efficiency, inability of farmers to take risk to upsell into other markets, delay in transfer of technology from lab to farm, inherent impetus to foodgrain production vis-à-vis high value produce, inability of market structure to keep in step with production enhancements and the like. All these factors, that have been examined in this volume from a status perspective, have been addressed in the ensuing volumes of the DFI Report for resolution by suggesting suitable solutions.

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