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Post-Production Agri-Logistics: Maximising Gains for Farmers

Publisher: Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

The third volume of the Report of the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) examines the status of post-production operations, with perspective that a farmer’s produce must find multiple avenues to obtain value at each place, across time & space and in various forms. Physical connectivity to markets is the primary medium by which farmers can access the opportunity to exchange produce for money. A lack of logistics connectivity to convey their harvest to markets, results in a lowering of the farmers’ ability to monetise their produce. Various avenues or market channels are available for farm produce, such as food or agro-processing industry, wholesale into retail and other consumer channels, institutional sales, etc. Yet, the farmers’ primary earning capacity is restricted to their first point of sale, usually to agents, or near farm mandis, or rural markets, which are not always the best of options. All transactions, further up the value chain system, are remote from a farmer’s perspective. This volume describes the immediate opportunity for farmers to undertake next level activities, to connect directly to the wholesale market or processor, or at least a level above their current stage of transaction.

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